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"In just 5 days Jay has really made a huge impact on the way I look at things and how I choose to do them, and I feel already that I have a strong foundation in place to change habits and feel in control. Truly the most amazing 5 days ever, thanks Jay!"

~ Lenka R

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Lacking in energy, but so busy with work and family that you don't know where to start.
  • Out of shape and unfit, but haven't got the time or energy to work out for an hour a day
  • Keen to eat a healthy diet, but overwhelmed by all the options and conflicting advice.
  • Know that more energy and a fitter body and mind would improve your business success, but can't seem to make it a priority.
  • Ready to make a change, and reap the rewards.


Tried and tested methods, which I use with my personal coaching clients.


You're never on your own with me and the challenge group behind you.


Complexity kills progress. I will help you keep things simple and effective.


My name is Jay, and I help busy business owners just like you level up their habits and routines, in order to boost their physical and mental fitness...

"Fitness is your ability to cope with and recover from stress."

I crashed and burned within two years of starting my career as a secondary science teacher.

A few years later I lost a successful personal training business the same way.

Needless to say, both of those times my mental and physical fitness were totally flatlining.

Since that time, I have used my own personal experiences as well as my professional coaching expertise, to help other business owners level up their habits and routines in order to improve their mental and physical fitness.

This means a greater capacity to deal with the inevitable mental and physical stress with which you are bombarded!

I now speak at events to large groups, as well as coaching my own clients directly, sharing my practical philosophy for developing a more balanced lifestyle, better health, increased productivity and a tougher, more resilient happiness.

My mission: to inspire and educate busy, overwhelmed business owners on how to change their daily routines and lifestyle, in order to become fitter in body and mind.

"The 5 day challenge was very well setup and structured so that it was easy to follow with a good level of difficulty behind each challenge to really push yourself and make you reflect on your current habits both positive and negative.

If this is what Jay gives away for free I can only imagine what his paid programmes must be like!"

~ Paul R

What You'll Get...

  • Daily written tasks, based on my Habit Change Foundations method.
  • Daily bonus tasks, to get you taking action and moving forward.
  • Exclusive challenge Facebook community, for group accountability and support.
  • Downloadable resources to help you continue on your  habit change journey.
  • The opportunity to win three months access to my Inner Circle, worth £291, absolutely FREE!

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Megan P

"Jay is fantastic! Super supportive and understanding of any situation. I did the 5 day challenge with Jay and in that small amount of time he has given me the tools to help me change/add some small habits for the better."

Teresa B

"This was the first time that I had worked with Jay and he was brilliant. The 5-day challenge gave me motivation, made me accountable for my actions and set me up to succeed. Thank you Jay!"

Louise E

"It has been an absolute pleasure to have done the 5-day challenge with Jay. Not only was he inspiring but he was supporting and engaging with everyone. It is also amazing to now be connected to so many others like myself, with similar goals."

Bev A

"The 5-day Lockdown habit change group provided by Jay Unwin was simply was simply fantastic. The daily tasks and challenges gave me the structure and support I needed to get back on track, be a part of a team that grew together and supported each other. Massive thanks and respect to Jay and everyone in the group."

Simon T

"I recently participated in a short, 5-day challenge with Jay and a quite wonderful group of people. As well as looking at habits, mindset, belief, health and wellness, it instilled a sense of purpose in me that I'd lost. I now have focus, a daily routine, and accountability."

Tish E

"I was encouraged to reflect on my current lifestyle, review and change the things I wanted to. I learnt that even really small changes can have massive benefits. It does take some commitment and dedication of course, you get out what you put in (and loads more!), but it's so worth it. If I can fit it in, anyone can!"

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