Lockdown 3.0 - 6 Ways to Look After the Fitness of Your Organisation

corporate fitness Jan 19, 2021

As the UK has entered yet another period of mandatory stillness, there are some nasty little issues bubbling under the surface which are best dealt with sooner rather than later.

Let’s divide organisations firstly into three camps: those who are still operating fully from a central workspace, those who are now working entirely remotely, and those who are using a combination of the two.

No matter which group your organisation falls into, there are certain challenges that are faced across the board, even if the details vary.

If your workforce are unable to work from home due to the nature of the business, then many of your people will be concerned about the health risks of mixing with others, for example. They will also be worrying about the knock-on effect on their families, as well as how they are going to juggle childcare when they are in the office now that schools are closed again.

If your people are working remotely, they may be struggling with new technology such as video...

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